• TOTAL COST: $0.01 + $9.95! Get a CD shipped to you for your previous purchase of legal forms software from Standard Legal. YOU MUST SELECT AND PAY THE $9.95 SHIPPING FEE OR YOUR CD WILL NOT BE MAILED! See the Description information below for complete instructions.
  • Every adult needs three important estate planning documents: a LAST WILL & TESTAMENT; a LIVING WILL; and a POWER OF ATTORNEY. These three documents cover healthcare decisions and name a representative to handle your personal affairs while alive, then asset distribution and guardianship after death. Now you can create all three of these critical legal documents in one easy-to-use software bundle with our Estate Plan Essentials. Individually these three titles cost just under $45, but with this package you SAVE $15!
  • Protect and distribute family assets with a Revocable Living Trust. Financial planners and attorneys have used Trusts for years to pass property from one generation to the next without Probate. A Revocable Living Trust provides a safe and legal way to manage assets while alive, then distribute those assets exactly as desired upon death. Step-by-step Q&A software creates the Joint Trust or Single Trust required based on marital status, children, state of residence, and how assets are to be distributed.
  • Don't let a Probate Court decide who gets what family assets! A Last Will & Testament from Standard Legal ensures that YOU decide the distribution of your estate. Answer some simple questions and this easy-to-use software automatically drafts a customized Will document. Match your personal family situation with the laws of your state. Speed the passing of your property to your loved ones. Create the Last Will & Testament you need for your family in minutes, all at a fraction of an attorney's fee! SAVE 33%: this Last Will is bundled as part of our Estate Plan Essentials >
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