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Get a customized Employee Manual for your business — no software, no hassles! It’s easy with the Document Preparation Service from Standard Legal. Just answer some simple questions online, then our professionals create a customized handbook tailored to the needs of your company. The finished manual is indexed, well-designed and fully-formatted, ready to print or copy!



Businesses need to protect themselves with certain legal safeguards. Publishing and providing all employees with an employee handbook, employment contracts and other standardized legal forms can protect the business owner from inappropriate employee claims and demands. Let Standard Legal help you to prepare these documents effectively through our Legal Document Preparation Service!

Our Employee Manual Document Preparation Service package provides one person with a custom-completed employee handbook template, drafted to completion based on the specific information you provide. Sent as a PDF file, the finished manual is indexed, well-designed and fully-formatted, ready to print or copy!



Customers receive the following documents as a part of the Employee Manual Document Preparation Service package:

Employee Handbook – A customized Employee Handbook allows a business owner or manager to legally protect the business by determining in advance the rules and guidelines for all employees. Using information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation professionals will create a fully completed Employee Handbook/Employee Manual, and will provide that handbook in a format that you can print as needed. You select the topics or policies that are relevant to your business operations, you provide some specific information related to those topics, and Standard Legal does the rest. Working with you, Standard Legal will ensure that the publishing of your Employee Handbook is as easy as possible — and completely relevant to your company’s business.

CUSTOM DESIGN INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  Send us your logo, tell us the page size you prefer, choose whether your manual will have pages printed on one side or two, and we will put the custom touches into your document that make it look well-designed and truly professional!


Employment Agreement – This agreement, between your business and its employees establishes an “at-will” employment relationship, sets forth compensation for the employee, provides for non-disclosure of the employer’s business secrets, and contains a non-compete agreement. This Agreement can be used hand-in-hand with the Employee Handbook; but if you do not wish to implement the policies in the Handbook, it can be used as a stand-alone document that offers some protection from employee claims of guaranteed employment” or implied terms or conditions of employment.” Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situation arises.

Employee Arbitration Agreement Form – Avoid costly litigation at the hands of disgruntled current or former employees. This binding agreement requires any and all claims that could be directed against your company from current or former employees be sent to binding arbitration rather than costly and time consuming litigation. Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situations arise.

Consultant Agreement – If your business needs the expertise of an industry insider but does not want the burden and expense of putting that person on payroll full-time, consider retaining that person as a consultant. This document creates an independent contractor relationship between your company and the consultant with the expertise you desire to tap. Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situations arise.

Sales Representative Agreement – If your business is in need of a sales force but does not desire (nor can it afford) the hassle, burden and cost of full-time employee representatives, this agreement may be perfect for your business. This agreement establishes an independent contractor-type relationship with the sales representatives who offer your company’s products to the market. The representative is paid a negotiated commission amount only when the sales representative sells your products and you have received full payment from the customer on that sale. Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situations arise.

Employment Application – Use this document to obtain concise and accurate information from potential employees. (Note that all employee applications must be retained for a specific period of time by the company; see the Record Retention Guide that is provided with this software). Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situations arise.

Employee Review Form – Allows you to prepare a relevant and company/job specific job review form so that your management personnel can conduct thoughtful, insightful reviews of your employees’ work performances. Using the information that you provide, Standard Legal’s document preparation service will customize this Agreement using your company name and other pertinent information. You can use this Agreement as needed and as any particular situations arise.

Criminal Background Check and Credit Report Check Authorization Forms – Allows the business owner to gain signed authorization from a potential employee to run a credit and criminal background check on that person.

BONUS: RECORD RETENTION GUIDE – State and Federal laws, as well as good business practices, dictate that certain records generated by a business be retained for a specific period of time. This Guide provides the both the legal requirements and suggests appropriate periods of time for which business records should be kept.

BONUS: FEDERALLY REQUIRED EMPLOYEE NOTICES POSTERS – The Federal Government requires that employers post in a conspicuous place at their business certain posters describing information on minimum wage, OSHA matters, EEOC, etc. This software contains such posting requirements as provided verbatim from the U.S. Department of Labor. Note that there may be specific state law posting requirements in addition to those contained in our software; the introductory portion provides a suggested web reference to review these requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: The State of California has costly and complex registration requirements for each county in that state to become what they call “legal document assistants”. Because of these onerous county-by-county requirements, Standard Legal has chosen not to provide document preparation services to any California resident. Should a California resident place an order for Document Preparation, Standard Legal will email you asking if you wish to convert that order into one for legal forms software. If so, we will credit the price difference between the two orders and send you links to access your software download. California residents can also use our FREE Attorney Find service to find a local attorney, if they prefer to have legal documents drafted for them.

Questions? Email our Document Preparation Dept.



When it comes time to get legal documents, many people simply want the finished product. They don’t want do-it-yourself forms.

That’s because legal forms software can be a challenge for people who aren’t computer savvy, or who aren’t knowledgeable about the law. Downloading the software, opening the files, reading the instructions, then correctly completing the documents can be a bit intimidating.

But the thought of paying an attorney a big chunk of money to get finished documents isn’t something most people want, either.

So what option is available that solves both of these issues? Legal Document Preparation Service from Standard Legal!

Document Preparation from Standard Legal is simple and affordable. Our ‘Doc Prep’ professionals help you create completed legal documents that are ready for signature. We ask you a series of questions either online, by email or by phone — your choice! — then we use your answers to draft the documents you require.

Plus for an extra $9.95, we will PRINT the final documents, create a BACK-UP CD, and MAIL it all to you! Just open the package and sign!

Answer some easy-to-understand questions and make a few simple legal decisions and you can save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS compared to a lawyer or law firm. And the finished documents will match those created by any attorney in quality and accuracy!

Skip the frustration of figuring it out yourself. Eliminate the concern of making a mistake. Do away with the challenges of downloading and using computer software. And save money in the process! Complete details below…


Printed Legal Documents Mailed with a CD
DON’T HAVE A PRINTER? GET PRINTED DOCUMENTS MAILED TO YOU! Let Standard Legal print your completed documents, save them onto a backup CD, then mail everything to you! During checkout, simply choose Mailed CD: $9.95 as the shipping option. After completion, your documents will be printed to paper, burned to a CD as PDF backups, then sent to you promptly via U.S. First Class Mail. All you need to do is sign!





The four-step process for using our Legal Document Preparation Service is simple:

1) Review the Document Preparation topics available and purchase the service you want.

2) After checkout, Standard Legal will provide a link to an online questionnaire or will email you a questionnaire specific to the topic you purchased. Simply access the online questionnaire or reply to that email: read each question and answer it as clearly and completely as you can. (If you find the written Q&A process too difficult, simply call or email us to schedule a phone conference; we will call at the arranged time to ask those same question over the phone, taking down your answers exactly as you give them to us.)

3) Standard Legal will review the information you provide to us from this questionnaire, checking it for consistency, completeness, spelling, grammar and other basics. We will then forward a confirmation email to you outlining the data that has been collected. If a response to a question is omitted or unclear, Standard Legal may contact you again to obtain additional information.

4) Within 3 business days after this final data confirmation, Standard Legal will provide the legal documents you have ordered in PDF format by email, which you then print out yourself. Detailed instructions covering what to do with the signed, fully executed documents are provided as well. If you do not have access to a printer, Standard legal offers printed documents delivered by first-class mail for an additional fee during checkout.

See? Simple, affordable and stress-free. That’s the process for Standard Legal’s Document Preparation Services!



By law, Standard Legal is not authorized to advise you as to which documents you should use or may need. Such advice would be considered the “practice of law.” Under the guidelines for legal document preparation services, you must make all legal decisions yourself, including decisions about the type of documents you need.

Standard Legal provides detailed descriptions of each of the document sets available for use in its preparation services. Standard Legal can also provide a sample of each document, so that you can see a portion of any document so that you can be sure that the completed document will meet your needs. Detailed information concerning each specific document preparation topic is also available, as well as general information about most subjects at the Standard Legal Law Library.

After you have reviewed the sample forms, read the topic-specific information we offer concerning the documents, and have reviewed our Law Library articles, if you still do not know which document or service will best suit your needs, you should either consult an attorney before choosing your documents or consider having an attorney handle your case. Visit our Attorney Find program for details if you choose that route.

Questions? Email our Document Preparation Dept.



Then you should! Standard Legal offers a variety of do-it-yourself legal form software titles that you can purchase and prepare on your own, which will save you even more money. If you know which forms you need and feel that you have the ability to prepare the documents yourself on your computer, Standard Legal’s self-help software is the way to go! Learn more >



Say you’ve already purchased one of Standard Legal’s do-it-yourself legal form software titles.

Then you decide that you would be better served having one of our professionals prepare those same legal documents for you.

No worries! Standard Legal will credit the full price of the software you’ve already purchased against the price of the document preparation service you want!

So if you’ve already purchased the Last Will and Testament software for $14.95 and then decide you want Standard Legal to prepare a completed Will document for you, we will deduct the $14.95 you’ve already spent on the software from the price of the document preparation service! It’s how we treat customers with respect.

NOTE: the title of the software purchased and the type of document you wish to have us prepare must match. In other words, credit is provided only if you want us to prepare a Will document and you previously purchased the Will software. Further, the software purchase must have been made in the same name as the person for whom the documents will be prepared, and that purchase must be verifiable in our records.

Question? Email our Sales Department.



 SAVE SIGNIFICANT MONEY  –  Don’t need an attorney’s advice? Don’t pay an attorney’s price! Save hundreds of dollars in legal fees when you work with Standard Legal to prepare your documents.

 Q&A ONLINE OR BY EMAIL  –  A questionnaire is supplied via online link or by email shortly after you make your purchase. Simply click the link provided or ‘reply’ then answer the questions in that email.

 SIMPLE AND STRESS-FREE  –  No need to make an appointment then take a trip to an attorney’s office! Complete the questionnaire at your own pace and convenience.

 DOUBLE-CHECKED DATA  –  The answers you provide to us are reviewed for consistency, accuracy, spelling and grammar. Then to make sure we have the right responses, we provide the answers back to you by email for one last confirmation before drafting the final documents!

 UNIVERSAL FILE FORMATS  –  Finished legal documents are sent to you in PDF format as a standard e-mail attachment, or on a CD if selected during checkout.

 DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS  –  Along with the documents, you will receive detailed instructions on how to sign or complete the legal documents, and what to do with those documents after you receive them.

 KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE  –  Standard Legal has satisfied tens of thousands customers in real-world situations. Our legal content is checked and rechecked in-house by our expert attorneys and in the field by judges, court clerks and lawyers. And the documents used for our Preparation Service are the same as our time-tested legal forms software!

 PRIVATE AND SECURE  –  The information that you provide to us is safe, secure and held in absolute confidentiality. Standard Legal does not share or sell your personal information to any third party, period. Once your documents are completed, delivered and confirmed, we delete the information we collect from you.

 CREDIT FOR SOFTWARE  –  If you have already purchased our legal forms software and then decide document preparation might be better for you, Standard Legal will credit the price of the software purchased against the price of the corresponding document preparation service!

 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE  –  Standard Legal guarantees that all of the documents provided will be accepted when executed as directed and submitted to the appropriate court, clerk, office or agency. Should any document not be accepted due to an issue with our content, we will correct that document for you at once, and if we cannot we will refund 100% of the purchase price!

Questions? Email our Document Preparation Dept.


DISCLAIMER: Standard Legal’s documentation preparation service is not a law firm, does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for the advice for an attorney. Standard Legal does not provide any legal advice, and none of the information provided herein or on any completed document should be construed as legal advice. Standard Legal can assist you in completing legal forms when you are seeking to represent yourself in your own legal matters. If you need legal representation, are involved in litigation, or have complex legal issues that cannot be handled or dealt with on your own, you should seek competent legal advice and/or hire an attorney. Our legal documentation preparation service uses the answers you provide to automatically populate Standard Legal software legal forms and complete them on your behalf. Our review of your answers is limited solely to completeness, spelling and grammar, internal consistency of names, addresses and the like. At no time do we review your answers for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation. Our company cannot provide legal advice for any situation or case. As such we cannot make personal recommendations as to what documents should or should not be used and cannot attempt to predict the legal impact of using any certain response or form. This document preparation service is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship, and by using our services, no attorney-client relationship will be created. You are totally and solely responsible for your own selections and actions. Again, Standard Legal cannot make any recommendations for any corrections or changes to the documents or their application, content or use. Any text that is to be revised or replaced must be identified appropriately and detailed replacement text must be provided by the customer. In short, our customers have the option of either (a) providing us with detailed exact replacement text or (b) revising the document themselves. If Standard Legal is asked to make drastic changes or ongoing revisions to any documents, additional charges may be warranted, after receiving the customer’s direct approval.


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