Business + Inc Titles

  • File as a Limited Liability Company in any USA state! Review the detailed list of considerations prior to creating the structure of your LLC. Then use the state-specific software forms to create a legal and valid Limited Liability Company, ready to submit to the appropriate Secretary of State. Finally, draft the LLC's Operating Agreement to finish the process. Clear instructions and overviews makes the LLC legal forms software package from Standard Legal the perfect business-creation solution!
  • Incorporate your business quickly and easily in any USA state! First review the options available to you for incorporating, as that decision is critical to create the best structure for your company. Then use up-to-date state-specific documents to legally incorporate in any USA state. Later, maintain the corporate structure with share certificates, by-law documents, meeting minutes, and more. Standard Legal is the perfect solution for "do-it-yourself" incorporation!
  • Create a Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or Non-Compete Agreement to protect ideas or trade secrets! Provide a few details to easily draft documents for mutual agreement. Hold close specific ideas or the details about the operations of a company. These documents are written to cover the interests of both parties while ensuring the protection of unique intellectual property or competitive business assets and practices.
  • Designate power of attorney to handle specific legal or administrative functions on behalf of a business entity. An Entity Power of Attorney is required if an action must be completed on behalf of a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, but a Member or Director of the entity is not personally available to do so. Create a Business Entity Power of Attorney document in minutes with easy-to-use software from Standard Legal!
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