Business + Inc Titles

  • Incorporate your business quickly and easily in any USA state! First review the options available to you for incorporating, as that decision is critical to create the best structure for your company. Then use up-to-date state-specific documents to legally incorporate in any USA state. Later, maintain the corporate structure with share certificates, by-law documents, meeting minutes, and more. Standard Legal is the perfect solution for "do-it-yourself" incorporation!
  • File as a Limited Liability Company in any USA state! Review the detailed list of considerations prior to creating the structure of your LLC. Then use the state-specific software forms to create a legal and valid Limited Liability Company, ready to submit to the appropriate Secretary of State. Finally, draft the LLC's Operating Agreement to finish the process. Clear instructions and overviews makes the LLC legal forms software package from Standard Legal the perfect business-creation solution!
  • Form a legal General Partnership with the members of your business team! This Partnership Agreement legal forms software allows business partners to create the documents necessary to clearly outline the ownership structures, capitalization records, operations plans, financial shares and distribution schedules for the venture. Creating a partnership for a business allows for simple decision-making and administration. Make that process even easier with help from Standard Legal!
  • Create an Employee Manual in minutes, ready for digital printing or copying! Businesses with even a handful of workers need an employee handbook to set basic policies and common-sense legal safeguards. Providing all workers with a customized Employee Manual is the best way to prevent unwarranted litigation and give clear employment guidelines. Use the included employment contracts and human resources legal forms to further those protections. NEW! Social media policy outlines acceptable use of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other sites as they relate to the business.