Real Estate Titles

  • Easily create a Deed to transfer real estate ownership! Changing the owner's name on a property requires either a Quitclaim Deed (the most common document), a Warranty Deed (to revise ownership guaranteeing clear title without liens), or a Survivorship Deed (to grant ownership of a property after the death of the current owner to the persons named). Get all three Deed documents in one easy-to-use software package from Standard Legal!
  • Get For Sale by Owner home sale documents without the cost of an agent or attorney! Draft all the legal documents necessary to sell a property "FSBO" and save thousands in commissions and fees! Customize a Real Estate Purchase Agreement specific to state laws and the transaction. All of the Disclosures, Deeds, and step-by-step filing documents required for the entire process are included, making the legal side of FSBO simple!