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Incorporate your business quickly and easily in any USA state! First review the options available to you for incorporating, as that decision is critical to create the best structure for your company. Then use up-to-date state-specific documents to legally incorporate in any USA state. Later, maintain the corporate structure with share certificates, by-law documents, meeting minutes, and more. Standard Legal is the perfect solution for “do-it-yourself” incorporation!

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Incorporation is the most common legal structure for a business in the United States. Most established businesses with multiple shareholders eventually incorporate, both for legal protections and tax incentives.

A for-profit corporation is a business organization that is separate and apart from its owners (the owners are called “shareholders”). The corporation is managed by a board of directors which elects officers to carry out the daily operations of the business. A corporation is a legal entity in its own right. As a separate entity, it has its own rights, privileges, and liabilities apart from the individuals who form it.

Because the corporation is a separate legal entity in the eyes of the law, the shareholders are generally not personally responsible for the debts or obligations of the corporation. A stockholder’s personal liability is usually limited to the amount of investment in the corporation and no more.




If the framework described above is how you would like your business and all of the owners of the business to be treated, then use the Standard Legal’s Incorporation legal forms software to achieve this structure. This package contains information that will allow you to form a FOR PROFIT – DOMESTIC CORPORATION.

Standard Legal’s Incorporation legal forms software contains all of the required forms, information and comprehensive instructions to file for corporate status IN EACH AND EVERY STATE IN THE USA. Incorporations are handled differently in each state, and often times these state requirements can change from year-to-year as well. Standard Legal makes sure that its Incorporation legal forms software package is complete, correct and up-to-date, to make the entire filing process simple and straight-forward.



Have any questions on Incorporation vs. LLC vs. Partnerships vs. Sole Proprietorship? Before you purchase any legal document package, read our Standard Legal Law Library article on this topic! PICK A CORPORATE STRUCTURE THAT MAKES SENSE FOR YOUR BUSINESS >



In addition to these state-specific forms for filing for incorporation, this package also contains the following documents for the ongoing maintenance of the corporate structure:

– Incorporation Overview

– Proceedings of the Incorporators

– By-Laws

– Code of Regulations

These forms contain and outline the required information for establishing the rules that will govern the corporation once the articles of incorporation have been submitted, approved by and documented with the State. These forms can (and should) be modified to meet the specific needs of your corporation.

Standard Legal’s Incorporation legal forms software also contains:

– Stock Certificate template for shareholders

– Minutes of Director Meetings (with samples)

– Minutes of Shareholder Meetings (with samples)

Lastly, the Incorporation software from Standard Legal provides a thorough package of background information on the various structural choices that are available to a business owner prior to Incorporating. These detailed observations and step-by-step instructions will help ensure that your business is properly created, registered and documented, and that you are making the right decisions when it comes to creating its legal corporate structure.

FOR-PROFIT DOMESTIC CORPORATION: This legal forms software title creates documents for standard for-profit domestic corporations only! Entities seeking not-for-profit status cannot use this legal forms software package. Likewise, the forms required for filing a “foreign” corporation (i.e. a corporation organized in one state to conduct business in another state) are not included.

SOUTH CAROLINA: businesses to be incorporated in South Carolina must have their corporate documents signed by an attorney prior to filing. The form for obtaining this signature is included.



☆ LEGAL & VALID IN ALL STATES: The documents from Standard Legal are valid in every USA state and territory. Primary documents cover federal law, with state-specific language or forms provided as required.

☆ QUALIFIED ATTORNEY AUTHORS: All of the legal documents within each Standard Legal software title are carefully researched and written by highly-qualified, experienced, licensed attorneys.

☆ UP-TO-DATE LEGAL CONTENT: Documents and instructions are revised any time a state or federal law, statute or administrative requirement changes. Our legal forms content is in constant review!

☆ STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Clear instructions are posted directly next to each question asked. No ‘legal-eze’ either! Standard Legal writes in a way that is “step-by-step” and easy to understand.

☆ IMMEDIATE ACCESS: Use the software instantly after purchase! Get encrypted links to a download within seconds, both on-screen with your order invoice and again as a backup in an email confirmation.

☆ EASILY DOWNLOADABLE FORMS: Standard Legal’s documents can be downloaded in one .zip file, with additional state-specific documents available from the online forms server.

☆ USE WITH ANY DEVICE: Windows, Mac, Apple, iPad, Android, Linux. Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device. Nearly any system can use the software from Standard Legal!

☆ FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Standard Legal helps its clients in any way we can. While we cannot provide legal advice, we will gladly assist you by email, phone or social media to access and use our software.

☆ NO SHIPPING FEES: with downloadable software, shipping is FREE! Don’t pay to ship printed packages of paper. Just download the files and print only the documents you need. (Unless you prefer the optional CD!)

☆ FULLY SECURE PERSONAL DATA: Our software is downloaded then completed offline, not run through an online webform that transmits your data across the internet to be stored in a database. So your answers stay completely private and secure, and your personal data never leaves your hard drive!

☆ SAVE MONEY ON LEGAL FEES: Quickly and easily create the same kinds of legal documents as a local attorney. And save hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of dollars in the process!

☆ FREE ATTORNEY FIND: If you decide that handling a legal situation yourself might not be the best course of action, search our Attorney Find section for FREE to find a local attorney to help you.

☆ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Standard Legal guarantees that all of the documents in our software package will be accepted when completed as directed and submitted to the appropriate court, clerk, office or agency. Should any document not be accepted due to an issue with our content, we will correct that document at once or refund 100% of the purchase price.



Standard Legal software works on virtually all Windows, Apple, Macintosh, Android and Linux-based PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Generally, the legal forms are provided as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files with fillable form fields. Not all forms are provided in both formats in all cases. SOFTWARE FORMATS + SAMPLES >

Microsoft WordA full-featured version of Microsoft Word is one option to complete the Word-formatted documents. FREE open-source word processing programs like OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs, etc. may work as well.

Get Adobe ReaderUse the FREE Adobe Reader to complete and print the PDF document files. It is best to use the most up-to-date version of Reader; see ‘Help > Check for Updates’ in the program’s menu to get the latest version. It is CRITICAL that Reader ALWAYS be used as a stand-alone program or mobile app and NEVER within a web browser.

Links to a downloadable .zip file are presented immediately upon the completion of your order. This .zip must be expanded to access the PDF files. Most computers have an expansion program like WinZip pre-installed; if your computer does not we recommend StuffIt Expander (it’s FREE!). Once the file is downloaded, all documents within can be completed offline, no internet connection required. Read the START-HERE.txt file included in the initial download for more instructions.

Access links to the downloadable .zip file and/or the online forms server for this title are available for one (1) year after the date of purchase, upon request. Files downloaded and saved to a device may be used without time limit, but new downloads are no longer accessible one year after the date of purchase. A discount code is available to past customers by email to make a new or updated purchase.

Is Standard Legal Software Right for You?

To use any type of software requires a basic understanding of how a computer device operates. To use Standard Legal software, you must be able to complete these basic computer tasks: download a software file;  expand a .zip file;  enter a username and password to access a protected website;  navigate a menu;  install and launch a program;  and open, save then print a completed document. If you do not fully understand how to complete any of these common steps, we recommend you use our Document Preparation Service or find a local attorney to create documents for you.

Software on CD by Mail
WANT YOUR SOFTWARE ON A CD? A software CD of the legal form titles you choose can be mailed to you for an additional $9.95. Simply select the radio button in front of ‘Mailed CD: $9.95‘ during checkout.


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ATTORNEYS, PARALEGALS AND DOCUMENT PREPARATION PROFESSIONALS: This software is licensed exclusively for pro se users. To create custom legal documents on behalf of clients, review our Professional Edition software at

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  1. Jerry Lawrence, Newark, OH

    Today I received a phone call from one of your people in answer to my e-mail about the Ohio Incorporation papers being wrong. It is good to know that there are still people of integrity in this world. Thank you, you have instilled confidence in me to use your service now and in the future. God BLESS.

  2. G. Mather, Watsonville CA

    We had formed a low cost Nevada Corporation years ago for a specific venture. After much preparation we were at a point where we needed capital to do a feasibility study. We had found a private investor who agreed to take stock as collateral for the loan, so we wanted to get an agreement done quickly. We only had our laptop computer with us, so we immediately got online and found Standard Legal. We purchased the Incorporation software, prepared the legal documents we needed, found a nearby color printer, and printed out the corporate minutes and the loan and stock agreement with a corporate seal. Thank you for excellent service, Standard Legal!

  3. Rowena Hart, El Cajon CA

    I found Standard Legal online when I started my own corporation. I needed to save money for capital investments and didn’t want to spend any more than necessary on attorney fees. My business attorney suggested I try Standard Legal to get the forms that I could fill out myself, which not only saved me a lot of expensive hourly fees, but also gave me a better understanding of the legal issues and processes of my business. Thanks!

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