Estate Planning Titles

  • Make your healthcare wishes and end-of-life choices clearly known in a Living Will! Provide detailed instructions to family and friends about your medical preferences. Standard Legal's Advanced Healthcare Directive Living Will contains a Healthcare Power of Attorney, plus a HIPAA Release Authorization, and a Minor Child Emergency Medical Authorization form. Answer some simple questions and the software customizes these documents to outline your preferred end-of-life treatments and the type of care you wish to receive if incapacitated. SAVE 33%: this Living Will is bundled as part of our Estate Plan Essentials >
  • Register a firearm once on behalf of multiple users with a Gun Trust. When an individual registers a firearm with the ATF under the National Firearms Act, by law only the registered user may own, transport or fire that weapon or accessory. But when an application from a properly drafted Gun Trust is approved, the Gun Trust GRANTOR plus EACH AND EVERY TRUSTEE NAMED has the right to use or possess that firearm! Limit ATF paperwork and filing fees. Easily pass firearms on to friends or family members after death. Set up a Gun Trust today!
  • Ensure lifelong care for a beloved animal with a Pet Care Trust! Make certain your beloved pet is well-cared for even after your death. With a Pet Care Trust, you can legally designate money, property or other assets to pay for the costs of caring for a pet -- or any number of pets. Name a Trustee to oversee that care. Outline the manner and level of care for the pet. Then provide clear instructions on your wishes. Draft a Pet Care Trust with easy-to-use software from Standard Legal and show love for your pet even after you're gone!
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